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quinta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2013

Triumph - In Concert (1981) (King Biscuit Flower Hour) R$ 12,00

R$ 12,00

Playlist traks:
01. Tear The Roof Off
02. American Girls
03. Lay It On The Line
04. Allied Forces
05. Fight The Good Fight
06. Blind Light Show/Moonchild
07. Rock N' Roll Machine
08. I Live For The Weekend
09. Nature's Child
10. Drum Solo (Instrumental Rocky Mountain Way)
11. Hot Time In The City Tonight

Produce By Mike Levine

Recorded in Cleveland in October, 1981 - a time when Triumph was STILL Triumph {you old/er fans know what I'm talking about}. 

Actually remember audio taping this very show off the radio on a Sunday night. 

Thanks goodness it made it onto CD release. 

All the memorable cuts are here - like the rocking opener "Tear The Roof Off", their one-time (big) hit "Lay It On The Line", "Rock And Roll Machine", their Joe Walsh cover "Rocky Mountain Way" and the powerhouse "Hot Time In The City". 

Boy, does this CD bring back memories. 

When concerts were still affordable to everyone, before rock went totally corporate, a good ten years prior to 9/11, etc. You get the point. Sound quality couldn't be better. 

The album was recorded live during the band's 1981/82 tour in support of the Platinum selling Allied Forces on October 12, 1981 at The Public Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Canada's other big hard rocking power trio next to Rush called Triumph (whom were wrongly called either a "poor man's Rush" or "mutant hoseheads" by snobby critics) released their first album since 1992's Edge of Excess with the live album King Biscuit Flower Hour Featuring Triumph in February of 1996.


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