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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Meatmen - Stud Powercock: The Touch and Go Years 1981-1984 (Made in Canada) R$ 15,00

Stud Powercock
The Touch and Go Years 1981-1984

Made in Canada  

R$ 15,00

Essential CD for any punk collection.

The Meatmen were a Michigan, United States punk band headed by Tesco Vee from 1980 to 1997.

The Meatmen made fun of the hardcore punk scene of the time. 

The band was known for their stage antics, and for songs with colorful song titles such as "I Sin For A Living", "1 Down, 3 To Go" (a reference to the murder of former Beatles member John Lennon), and the Suck Trilogy of "Crippled Children Suck," "French People Suck," and "Camel Jockeys Suck."

Like them or not, this band was important to the East Coast early 80s punk scene. 

Christ, even the Misfits were into the Meatmen! 

The ability to find fans in Glenn Danzig and recruit members from a defunct Minor Threat surely shows some sort of greatness. 

True, this CD may not be the high caliber material of other bands in the same scene, but that is what is so awesome about the Meatmen - the ability to convey just as much with half the effort.. 

This CD shows the progression from early trash through Tesco's unexplainably catchy Dutch Hercules EP.. If you are tired of every band sounding the same and saying nothing, this CD will be a huge relief.


01. The Meatmen - Meatmen Stomp (demo) (1:11)
02. The Meatmen - I'm Glad I'm Not a Girl (demo) (1:20)
03. The Meatmen - Tooling for Anus (demo) (1:53)
04. The Meatmen - I've Got a Problem (demo) (2:12)
05. The Meatmen - Orgy of One (demo) (2:30)
06. The Meatmen - 1 Down 3 to Go (demo) (1:15)
07. The Meatmen - Meatmen Stomp (1:27)
08. The Meatmen - Tooling for Anus (2:22)
09. The Meatmen - 1 Down 3 to Go (1:04)
10. The Meatmen - Snuff 'em (0:44)
11. The Meatmen - Becoming a Man (1:00)
12. The Meatmen - I've Got a Problem (2:50)
13. The Meatmen - I'm Glad I'm Not a Girl (1:14)
14. The Meatmen - Dumping Ground (1:23)
15. The Meatmen - Middle Aged Youth (1:16)
16. The Meatmen - Meatmen Stomp (live) (1:05)
17. The Meatmen - Mr. Tapeworm (live) (0:53)
18. The Meatmen - Orgy of One (live) (2:37)
19. The Meatmen - I Sin for a Living (live) (1:32)
20. The Meatmen - Crippled Children Suck (live) (1:25)
21. The Meatmen - Buttocks (live) (1:33)
22. The Meatmen - Middle Aged Youth (live) (1:15)
23. The Meatmen - Meat Crimes (live) (3:01)
24. The Meatmen - TSOL Are Sissies (live) (1:20)
25. The Meatmen - Blow Me Jah (1:13)
26. The Meatmen - Mr. Tapeworm (0:34)
27. The Meatmen - Orgy of One (2:09)
28. The Meatmen - I Sin for a Living (0:48)
29. The Meatmen - Crippled Children Suck (0:30)
30. The Meatmen - Spread Scat Boogie #2 (1:21)
31. The Meatmen - Meat Crimes (1:51)
32. Tesco Vee - Lesbian Death Dirge (3:20)
33. Tesco Vee - God's Bullies (1:40)
34. Tesco Vee - Wine, Wenches, and Wheels (3:48)
35. Tesco Vee - Dance to the Music (2:40)
36. Tesco Vee - Crapper's Delight (extended Beatbox Go Go dance mix) (9:53)
37. The Meatmen - Dance to the Music (live) (2:56)
38. The Meatmen - Blow Me Jah (live) (3:06)
39. The Meatmen - Becoming a Gay Man (live) (1:55)

The classic Meatmen album - Tesco Vee is a twisted genius.

You must have this album in your punk collection! It pulls together the classic Meatmen album ("We're the Meatmen . . . And you...!") with outakes, singles and miscellaneous stuff (some of it not so essential). 

The Meatmen are the most hysterical hardcore band to come out of the 80's.

 They took Ramones-like simplicity and stupidity to the next level - pure genius!

The first time my friends and I listened to tracks like "Mr. Tapeworm" and "Becoming a Man," we were rolling on the floor laughing. Nobody went to more outrageous lengths of political incorrectness than Tesco Vee.

As an aside, I read somewhere that 'ol Tesco was/is a school teacher someplace. 

Can you imagine that?!? 

If Tipper and Hillary ever found out, they'd flip their collective wigs!

STUD POWERCOCK contains the "WE'RE THE MEATMEN AND YOU SUCK!" LP, the "CRIPPLED CHILDREN SUCK" and "DUTCH HERCULES" EPs, and tracks from the "PROCESS OF ELIMINATION" compilation, the "BLUD SAUSAGE" EP, and various demos, live recordings, and outtakes.

Stupid and obnoxious rules, okay? 

Michigan's Meatmen followed in the great tradition of the Circle Jerks and were the moronic, offensive, blasphemous, and hilarious face of early-'80s punk.

 STUD POWERCOCK brings together all of the band's original EPs, along with demos, live tracks, and a handful of out-takes, including the Jolson-esque demolition of Sly Stone's "Dance With the Music." 

Here you'll find the Meatmen anthem "Crippled Children Suck" as well as a sensitive response to the murder of John Lennon, "1 Down 3 to Go." While their music may not appeal to every listener, The Meatmen are so over-the-top that it's hard not to laugh.

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