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domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Grace Jones - Slave to the Rhythm (R$ 12,00)

Slave to the Rhythm (R$ 12,00)

An audio biography of Grace Jones, produced by Trevor Horn, it's a sonic treat along the lines of Yes's 90125 or Frankie Goes to Hollywood's first album (both produced by Horn). 

The music ranges from slick R&B runaway grooves to striking audio montages, interrupted occasionally by conversation about Jones's life. 

Serious ear candy.

01. Jones the Rhythm
02. The Fashion Show
03. Operattack
04. Slave to the Rhythm
05. The Frog & the Princess
06. The Crossing (Ooh the Action...)
07. Don't Cry - It's Only the Rhythm
08. Ladies and Gentleman: Miss Grace Jones

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