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sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013

Glitters is Gold (R$ 10,00)

Glitters is Gold (R$ 10,00)

One of All Saints Records' yearly artist samplers collects two tracks apiece from new releases. Jah Wobble donates two alternative mixes from his Eastend Cockney-meets-Blake album The Inspiration of William Blake, Roger Eno's two pieces from Swimming are songs filled with simple melodies and warm guitars, Harold Budd's selections from Luxa are typical deep pools of synths and keys, Brian Eno's two tracks from The Drop are extended versions of what would turn out to be the "funkiest" tracks on that album, Kate St. John's songs have the ghostly gentility of church hymns, and Biosphere's ambient selections from Substrata sound as lonesome and cold as the Norwegian studio where they were recorded. A satisfying yearly dip into this particular label's pool.

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