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domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Girlschool - Believe (R$ 12,00)

 Believe (R$ 12,00)

SMART MOVE on my part! This is one Hell of a catchy, riff-laden rocker of an album. 

Is there much new on here? 

Truthfully, no, but it's in the power of the songs Girlschool have crafted that make you happily bang your head along to each one. 

The titles do tend to give away how the songs will sound, strange as that may be to admit, but in all honesty, that's not a bad thing. 

This is an album that, after it had finished, I wanted to put right back on again!

 My fist was pumping, my head was banging, the choruses kept repeating in my brain... what's not to love when an album makes you do that? 

Isn't that why we love this style of rock? 


01. Come On Uip
02. Let's Get Hard
03. Crazy
04. We All Love To (Rock'n'roll)
05. Secret
06. New Beginning
07. C'mon
08. Never Say Never
09. You Say
10. Feel Good
11. Hold On Tight
12. Yes Means Yes
13. We All Have To Choose
14. Play Around
15. Passion

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