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quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

AIRHEADS - Original Soundtrack Album (Made in USA) Somente R$ 12,00

AIRHEADS - Original Soundtrack Album

Made in USA

Somente R$ 12,00


01. Motorhead with Ice-T and Whitfield Crane -- Born To Raise Hell
02. 4 Non Blondes -- I'm The One (Van Halen cover)
03. White Zombie -- Feed The Gods
04. DGeneration -- No Way Out
05. Primus -- Bastardizing Jellikit
06. Anthrax -- London (The Smiths cover)
07. Candlebox -- Can't Give In
08. Dig -- Curious George Blues
09. Prong -- Inheritance
10. The Lone Rangers -- Degenerated (Reagan Youth cover)
11. Stuttering John -- I'll Talk My Way Out Of It
12. Stick -- Fuel
13. Ramones -- We Want The Airwaves

This is a pretty good soundtrack with an all-around spread of different genres of music. 

Metal, rock, and punk are all present on this album which is definitely a good thing. 

If you're new into music or something and are interested in metal, general rock, or punk rock then pick this soundtrack up. 

If you like those three genres, get it as well. 

Good soundtrack for a good movie. 

Especially for the film, Motorhead re-recorded their tune "Born To Raise Hell" with some help from Whitfield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe) and Ice-T.

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