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quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Allan Holdsworth - I.O.U. Live (Made in USA) R$ 18,00

 I.O.U. Live (Made in USA)  R$ 18,00

Shortly after releasing this 1985 live concert from Japan in 1997, Holdsworth took it off the market again. 

Surprisingly, he wasn't satisfied with the release. 

An ununderstable decision, as this release showcases some stellar performances of his band at that time. 

Whereas former releases of Holdsworth are mostly pure instrumental, this concert offers many vocal tracks from the "i.o.u" era with excellent singing by Paul Williams, still leaving enough space for the excellent musicians in the band. 

The only thing really missing here is the track "Tokyo Dreams", one of the highlights of that tour.

 Strongly recommended for every Holdsworth fan who couldn't get a copy early enough.

01. Road Games 04:18
02. White Line 07:53
03. Panic Station 03:31
04. Letters Of Marque 05:18
05. Material Real 07:27
06. Metal Fatigue 04:46
07. Where Is One 07:32
08. The Things You See 06:20
09. Was There (Something) 05:31

The track lengths on tray of this disc are false. 
These are in fact 1.) 04:25 2.) 07:01 3.) 04:14 4.) 06:41 5.) 07:30 6.) 05:10 7.) 08:02 8.) 07:01 9.) 06:58

Allan Holdsworth - gt.
Paul Williams - voc.
Chad Wackermann - dr.
Jimmy Johnson - bs.

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