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sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013

Bigelf - Closer to Doom (Made in USA) R$ 15,00

Closer to Doom (Made in USA)  

R$ 15,00

Space Rock, Heavy Progressive, Stoner Rock

BIGELF are a group of four guys from Los Angeles. 

In 1997 they released a 6 track CD on the new label Third Hole Records in USA. 

The music is built up by heavy Toni Iommi riffs, KING CRIMSON Mellotron, a domestic Jon Lord Hammond B3 and melodies that could have been arranged by Lennon/McCartney. 

The 6 tracks that were on the Third Hole release are of course the best tracks on this album.

 "Closer To Doom" are one of my favorite albums from 1997

Damon Fox (lead vocals, keyboards)
A.H.M. Butler-Jones (guitar)
Richard Anton (bass)
Thom Sullivan (drums)

1 Change 3:43
2 Crazy 3:37
3 Frustration 5:24
4 Salvation 3:21
5 In the Void 4:18
6 Closer to Doom 4:57

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