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terça-feira, 23 de julho de 2013

Scorpions - Blackout (Made in USA) Apenas R$ 18,00

Scorpions - Blackout

Blackout (Made in USA) Apenas R$ 18,00

Scorpions - Blackout - back

Scorpions - Blackout - cd


01. Blackout [03:48]
02. Can't Live Without You [03:47]
03. No One Like You [03:57]
04. You Give Me All I Need [03:38]
05. Now! [02:35]
06. Dynamite [04:12]
07. Arizona [03:56]
08. China White [06:58]
09. When The Smoke Is Going Down [03:50]


Klaus Meine - Lead vocals 
Matthias Jabs - Lead guitar, Backing vocals 
Rudolf Schenker - Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals 
Francis Buchholz - Bass, Backing vocals 
Herman Rarebell - Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals 

Blackout was the Scorpions' first majorly successful album, due to its clever balance of pop/rock (the title track), power ballads ("When the Smoke Is Going Down"), and catchy heavy metal ("Dynamite," "No One Like You"). 

Vocalist Klaus Meine had a throat operation prior to the record's release, and surprisingly, his voice sounds more melodic and lively than ever. 

The rest of the band sounds great as well, and the album is highlighted by the fast-paced performances of guitarists Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs. 

Blackout has arguably been called the Scorpions' best record ever, and that statement is not unjust -- it has more energy than anything else they have ever released.

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