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quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

Bad Company - Here Comes Trouble (Apenas R$ 12,00)

Here Comes Trouble (Apenas R$ 12,00)


1. How About That (5:27)
2. Stranger Than Fiction (5:14)
3. Here Comes Trouble (4:10)
4. This Could Be The One (5:18)
5. Both Feet In The Water (4:44)
6. Take This Town (4:17)
7. What About You (3:55)
8. Little Angel (5:03)
9. Hold On To My Heart (4:40)
10. Brokenhearted (4:48)
11. My Only One (5:01)

Yes, this version of Bad Co was a combination of bubble gum and hard rock. 

Each tune seems so organized and planned out that you have to wonder if this CD could be any poppier. 

Brian Howe continues to shine on this rather tame follow up to Holy Water. 

But overall the music is compelling and interesting. 

A fine mixture of rockers and ballads with no trace of the Paul Rodgers sound. 

This is the end of the new Bad Co, The commercial top-40 pop rock era was coming to an end. This is a shame because this line-up produced nearly flawless pop-rock-metal. 

Check out the intro to "How 'Bout That" or the many other tasty riffs like on "Hear Comes Trouble" and the amazing ballad, "This Could Be The Right One". 

1992 was the end of rock like this. Mick Jones and Lou Gramm and Brian Howe would be put out to pasture by a horde of grunge rockers with no sense of melody. 

The anger eventually ruined rock music. Slowly people are realizing that this era of Bad Co along with countless others of the smae time exhibit a much more accessible and enduring rock and roll.

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