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sexta-feira, 26 de julho de 2013

Ultravox - The Collection (Made in USA) Apenas R$ 15,00


The Collection (Made in USA) 

Apenas R$ 15,00

01 - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
02 - Hymn
03 - The Thin Wall
04 - The Voice
05 - Vienna
06 - Passing Strangers
07 - Sleepwalk
08 - Reap The Wild Wind
09 - All Stood Still
10 - Visions In Blue
11 - We Came To Dance
12 - One Small Day
13 - Love's Great Adventure
14 - Lament
Total Time: 00:56:56

Oddly enough Ultravox are lumped in with the synthpop artists of this era and that is pretty misleading. 

Ultravox were always a rock band who liked and used electronics to enhance their sound to great effect. 

Midge and the boys were my personal favourites for a long time and this collection just brings the singles together. 

They were never huge in the UK but consistently hit the Top 30 with their singles, bar I think Sleepwalk - the first single. 

The change was Vienna and life was never the same after this.

The singles here show how diverse Ultravox really were and how tight a band they were, the muscianship and maturity of sound is fantastic. 

As I said, not typical 80's synthpop (although I've nothing against that, and bought a lot of it at the time).

Standout tracks: Vienna - all-time classic; Reap The Wild Wind - fantastic song, brilliant video; Love's Great Adventure - same as RTWW. The rest aren't too far behind - trust me...

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