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terça-feira, 23 de julho de 2013

Renaissance - Ashes are Burning (Apenas R$ 12,00)

Renaissance - Ashes are Burning

Ashes are Burning (Apenas R$ 12,00)

This fourth album by Renaissance remarked critical milestone in the band’s music career where they had successfully crafted their position as a folk-based band with strong classical and orchestral orientation. 

If you follow the band’s career track you might find that musically this album was much matured in composition than their first three albums : self titled (1969), Illusion (1970) and Prologue (1972). 

Through this album the band’s love to orchestral arrangements has become so obvious. 

Studio Album, released in 1973

Track Listings:
1. Can you understand (9:49)
2. Let it grow (4:15)
3. On the frontier (4:53)
4. Carpet of the sun (3:31)
5. At the harbour (6:50)
6. Ashes are burning (11:24)

Total Time: 40:42


- Jon Camp / bass, vocals
- Annie Haslam / lead vocals
- Terrence Sullivan / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- John Tout / keyboards, backing vocals
- Michael Dunford / acoustic guitar
- Andy Powell / guitar

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