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quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

Brian Wilson - Imagination (Apenas R$ 12,00)

Imagination  (Apenas R$ 12,00)

Imagination is Brian Wilson's fourth solo album, and his second release of new original studio material. It was issued in 1998 on Giant Records and distributed by Warner Music.

Wilson covered two of his own Beach Boys songs for Imagination: "Keep an Eye on Summer" and "Let Him Run Wild". In addition, "She Says That She Needs Me" was the result of a lyric re-write by Carole Bayer Sager of an original Wilson composition in 1965 (titled "Sandy She Needs Me" and later "Sherry She Needs Me"), while the closing song, "Happy Days", featured recycled elements of an unreleased Beach Boys track, "My Solution", from 1970. 

Most of the album's new songs were written by Wilson and collaborator Joe Thomas.
Imagination received moderately favorable reviews upon its release, though its commercial performance was relatively weak.

Track List

1. "Your Imagination" (Brian Wilson, Joe Thomas, Steve Dahl) – 3:38
2. "She Says That She Needs Me" (Brian Wilson, Russ Titelman, Carole Bayer Sager) – 3:59. Originally composed by Wilson in 1965 as "Sandy", and rerecorded in 1976 as "Sherry She Needs Me", but never released by The Beach Boys
3. "South American" (Brian Wilson, Joe Thomas, Jimmy Buffett) – 3:44
4. "Where Has Love Been?" (Brian Wilson, Andy Paley, J.D. Souther) – 2:17
5. "Keep an Eye on Summer" (Brian Wilson, Bob Norman) – 2:48. Originally released on The Beach Boys' Shut Down Volume 2 in 1964
6. "Dream Angel" (Brian Wilson, Joe Thomas, Jim Peterik) – 3:21
7. "Cry" (Brian Wilson) – 4:56
8. "Lay Down Burden" (Brian Wilson, Joe Thomas) – 3:44
9. "Let Him Run Wild" (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) – 2:29. Originally released on The Beach Boys' Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) in 1965
10. "Sunshine" (Brian Wilson, Joe Thomas) – 3:20
11. "Happy Days" (Brian Wilson) – 4:44. First section originally recorded by The Beach Boys as "My Solution" in 1970, but remained unreleased

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