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quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

Blur - Parklife (Made in USA) Apenas R$ 15,00

(Made in USA)  
Apenas R$ 15,00

01 - Girls & Boys
02 - Tracy Jacks
03 - End of a Century
04 - Parklife
05 - Bank Holiday
06 - Badhead
07 - The Debt Collector
08 - Far Out
09 - To the End
10 - London Loves
11 - Trouble in the Message Centre
12 - Clover Over Dover
13 - Magic America
14 - Jubilee
15 - This Is a Low
16 - Lot 105

Parklife is the third studio album by the English alternative rock band Blur, released on 25 April 1994 on Food Records. After disappointing sales for their previous album Modern Life is Rubbish (1993), Parklife returned Blur to prominence in the UK, helped by its four hit singles: "Girls & Boys", "End of a Century", "Parklife" and "To the End". The album was certified quadruple platinum in the United Kingdom.

After the completion of recording sessions for Blur's previous album, Modern Life Is Rubbish, Damon Albarn, the band's vocalist, began to write prolifically. Blur demoed Albarn's new songs in groups of twos and threes.[2] Due to their precarious financial position at the time, Blur quickly went back into the studio with producer Stephen Street to record their third album.[3] Blur met at the Maison Rouge recording studio in August 1993 to record their next album.[2] The recording was a relatively fast process, apart from the song "This Is a Low".

While the members of Blur were pleased with the final result, Food Records owner David Balfe was not pleased with the record, telling the band's management "This is a mistake". Soon afterwards, Balfe sold Food to EMI.

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