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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Xandria - 2004 Ravenheart

01. Ravenheart
02. The Lioness
03. Back To The River
04. Eversleeping
05. Fire Of Universe
06. Some Like It Cold
07. Answer
08. My Scarlet Name
09. Snow - White
10. Black Flame
11. Too Close To Breathe
12. Keep My Secret Well

Female-fronted symphonic/goth metal band Xandria broke into the German music mainstream in 2004 with their second album, Ravenheart. 

Though many argue that the band isn't genuinely metal, Xandria garnered a sizable following in Germany and a growing following internationally; in particular, the band's flair for exotic themes and Middle Eastern motifs contributed to its appeal, as did its English-language lyrics.

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